Here is a recommendation from the editors at WineDebunk: Visit I like This Grape!

"Enjoying wine is a cultural experience much like appreciating art, indulging in fashion, listing to music...

It’s not uncommon to hear wine experts say that a particular wine has blackcurrant flavor but if you’re in the US this might be somewhat a mystery to your palate. As it turns out, this once...

There’s more to winemaking style than simply pointing on a map and declaring that’s where Old World wines are made and there’s where New World wines are made. The truth is any region is capable...

There’s a lot to discover when it comes to modern Kosher wine. Up until the 1960s, most Kosher wine would have been characterized by sweet, the largest producers coming from the American...

I Like This Grape

Here is a recommendation from the editors at WineDebunk: Visit I like This Grape!

Open a Bottle of Poochi Poochi Sparkling Sake

Great sushi calls for a great beer or sake. Why not open a bottle of something that’s got the best of both worlds? Poochi Poochi is a sparkling sake that has enough sugar to pair well with spicy foods but is dryer than a typical sake. Yet this wine is delicate and pairs well with the nuanced flavors of a grand sushi blow out.

Egg Salad Sandwiches Go Beaujolais

Who says red wine can’t be paired with an egg salad sandwich? Not us. We recommend a Beaujolais to go with the humble egg salad sandwich. It’s fruity and light with low acid. That’s important because the sulfur from the eggs can become overwhelming if paired with a wine that’s too acidic. Beaujolais is light bodied. It’s not uncommon to chill a Beaujolais, even though it’s a red wine. Surprised? Stick with us, we’ll help you navigate the unexpected and the curve balls this crazy, nutty, fancy-pants wine world can throw at you.


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